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    The Hybriboard has been designed to transport injured patients on sports pitches and in prehospital scenarios.  It utilizes an integrated belt system that is fast and safe to use. The walls of the Hybriboard do not expose the patient to the risk of secondary damage caused from the high vertical walls of the basket stretcher. (20-25cm high) The particular “containment” design with walls at 30° is the right compromise between ensuring rapid loading and safe immobilization. Lower walls allow for easy administration of medications and care of the patient. Transferring to other platforms is also made easier. In case of logroll Hybriboard is very easy to maneuver. The slightly curved walls do not require the patient to transfer in the classical spinal stretcher manner. After the logroll, a patient must still be move laterally. The Hybriboard makes this process much safer and gets the patient to the middle of the board easier.


      Perfect fitting on our Carrier EL-2000 The Hybriboard can be perfectly loaded on our Carrier to transport stretchers and patients quickly and comfortably


      Integrated Belt System Exclusive Integrated Belt System allows the use of restraint belts quickly and safely. These winders quickly retract the belts into the chassis when not in use. This saves space for storage, and saves time in operations, making patient loading and evacuation quick and safe.


      Very often, the application of the belts is slow and complicated due to Velcro closure systems or complex procedures. As a result they are not applied, putting the safety of the patient at risk. They are often left dangling from the stretcher, putting the first responder in a dangerous position as well.


      LOAD CAPACITY: 250 KG [550 lbs]

      WALL HEIGHT: 20-25 cm

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