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    The FS-3 is an easily moldable fiberglass splint that can be activated with water and hardens in less than three minutes. Its strength and molding abilities make the FS-3 highly versatile; it has potential uses in multiple applications. The FastSet-3 can actually be form-fitted for displaced bones that can't be realigned, or for dislocated joints.


      The FS-3 provides it’s patient with the ideal orthopedic splinting experience. It combines the easy application of utility splints with the advantages of a fiberglass cast. The patient can be immobilized moments after the first responder arrives. The inside of the splint has a soft moisture wicking lining, for comfortable skin contact. During the 2 to 3 minutes it takes for the splint to set up, you can gently form the FS-3. This allows the responder to get the ideal combination of stability and patient comfort. The Fast Set-3 is x-ray-translucent, so it can be left in place until a final disposition on how best to manage the injury is reached.


      • Water Activated Polyester
      • X-Ray Translucent
      • Sets In Just Under 3 Minutes
      • No Gloves Necessary
      • Safe For Direct Contact With Skin
      • Secure, Suppport, Immmobilize

      • Size: 3 x 12in. (7.6 x 30.5cm) Weight: .35lbs / 159grams
      • Size: 4 x 15in. (10 x 38cm) Weight: .43lbs / 195grams
      • Size: 4 x 30in. (10 x 76cm) Weight: .82lbs / 371grams
      • Size: 5 x 30in. (12.7 x 76cm) Weight: .98lbs / 445grams
    • NOTES

      Packaging: Airtight/watertight, heavy duty wrapping. Quick open tear holes. Materials: Moisture wicking synthetic fabric, water activated fiberglass.

      Notes: Available in flat or rolled style packaging; both with finger tear holes.


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